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Formatting your TF (SD) Card

Before you get started with recording on your FAS-CAM, make sure that you format your microTF Card (previously known as the microSD Card) using the FAS-CAM's internal system. Using this method of formatting your memory card will help the dash-cam seamlessly record your videos and avoid issues during the loop recording function. The FAS-CAM system will leave a digital imprint on your memory card which includes the initial firmware and root folders (removable through regular computer formating) to ensure that the memory card can record properly.

Before starting, please make sure that there are no files that you would wish to keep on your memory card. Doing this process will erase all data and files from the memory card.


Insert your micro memory card into the slot on the side of the camera. Always make sure that your camera is OFF when inserting or removing a memory card.

FAS-CAM Formatting Your TF Card


When inserting a new memory card into the camera for the first time, an error message will pop-up. "MicroSD Card (TF Card) has Malfunctioned"

FAS-CAM Formatting Your TF Card

This message actually only means that the dash cam cannot find the digital imprint on the memory card.


Press the Power key on the top right hand corner of the camera to enter the system MENU.Using the left and right directional arrow, go to SYSTEM SETTINGS. Press the Power key to confirm.

FAS-CAM Formatting Your TF Card


Enter the FORMAT TF CARD system option.Confirm the formatting process by selecting YES.

FAS-CAM Formatting Your TF Card

A warning message will appear.

FAS-CAM Formatting Your TF Card

Pressing NO will cancel the process and return you to the previous Menu screen.

NOTE: The estimated “Available TF Card (SD Card) Recording Time (Minutes)” info will be displayed at the bottom of the page


After the format is completed, you can exit the system menu by pressing the RETURN key.

You can now record normally with your memory card.

Please make sure that your FAS-CAM has the most up-to-date firmware. Check your FAS-CAM product page to find the latest firmware under the "FIRMWARE" tab.

Download our User Manual for more information on how to read the information provided.