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The Benefits of Using a Dash Cam - FAS alliance

The Benefits of Using a Dash Cam

With the rise in popularity of dash cams for cars, it’s no surprise that they can be incredibly beneficial in more ways than one. Whether you’re a driver or a bystander, safety should be the top priority of everyone on the road.  

Benefits of Having a Dash Cam

Regardless of the situation, dashboard camera footage can provide a full idea of what’s happening around you when you’re inside your vehicle. So, why should you consider buying a dash cam? Here are six reasons why installing a dash cam can help you and others on the road.

Have a Record of Your Accident

Experiencing an accident on the road can be an extremely traumatic event, no matter how big or small it is. One of the most common reasons drivers use a dash cam is that dash cams provide solid evidence of an accident on the road. Whether it’s unclear who is at fault or what exactly happened, dash cam footage can establish fault and provide clearer details of the accident.  While the use of dash cams is legal in every U.S. state, there may be restrictions when it comes to footage in court. For example, in states like Washington and Nevada, it is illegal to record a conversation without permission from every participant. Before using any footage for your case, you should ensure that it complies with your state laws. 

Get Out of a Ticket

If you find yourself having to challenge a traffic violation, dash cam footage can provide evidence to prove your innocence. In cases where you’ve been pulled over for speeding, many dash cams on the market have a feature that can record how fast you’re driving. If the footage proves you were driving below the speed limit, you can easily prove your innocence in court.  Remember to familiarize yourself with your state laws regarding dash cam footage, since you may live in a state that has restrictions on audio recordings. At FAS-Alliance, our dash cam’s default audio recording setting is off so you don’t have to worry if these audio restrictions apply to you. However, you can always turn this setting on if you live in a state without these restrictions or if you’d like to keep the audio in for other reasons. Our products also include a sticker that informs others of the dash cam recording so you have one less thing to worry about. 

Help Fight Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud can happen to anyone - and installing a dash cam can help ensure you won’t fall victim to it. People may try to stage an accident and make a fraudulent claim in an attempt to get money from you through insurance, but dash cams can protect you from any of these claims. Having proof of any type of incident can help you drive more confidently so you can spend more time focusing on the road and less time worrying.

Improve Your Driving

In addition to safety reasons, dash cams can help you improve your driving by having recordings that you can look back on and learn from. Reviewing dash cam footage can help drivers identify potentially dangerous driving patterns, helping them become more aware and responsible drivers on the road.
Keep your footage protected when the G-Sensor detects an accident.

Monitor Your Unattended Vehicle

Unattended vehicles are vulnerable to incidents such as theft or hit and runs. Not only do dash cams allow you to monitor your vehicle when you’re away, but they also act as a preventative measure against theft. Once the potential thief spots your dash cam, they can turn away from your vehicle knowing they are being recorded. 
Each of our FAS-Alliance dash cams has a built-in G-Sensor, which detects vibrations in your vehicle and protects your current recording from being erased in case of an accident.

Capture Unexpected Events 

While dash cams are helpful to any driver, both front and rear cams have the potential to capture other events, like accidents that other drivers are involved in. If you find yourself being witness to other accidents on the road, your dash cam may pick up useful footage that can benefit the drivers involved in the accident. 

Benefits of Having a Rear Cam

Experience front and back views for more protection.
While dash cams record everything in front of you while driving, using rear cams also has its benefits. Rear cams offer much more coverage than just a front cam - giving you more peace of mind on the road. Dash cams are an excellent way of recording your front view, but rear cams can capture any rear-end collisions and other accidents in addition to your front view. 
Our F201-IR rear cams offer a cabin view feature that allows drivers to record inside the vehicle. This feature is especially useful for taxi and private hire drivers, providing an extra layer of security for both the driver and passengers.
No matter how safe of a driver you are, anyone on the road is at risk of an accident. When you invest in a dash cam, front and rear dash cams can maximize your awareness while driving. Whether you’re on your way to work, school, or going to run errands, you should feel safe and protected. 

What Makes Our Dash Cams Different?

At FAS-Alliance, we pride ourselves on providing some of the highest-performing dash cams for your vehicle. Designed in California, our products prioritize innovation and safety to transform every driver’s on-the-road experience.
So, how do our dash cams compare to others on the market?
We believe the best dash cams give drivers everything they need - and more. We’ve integrated two unique features in our front and rear cams that set our dash cams apart from every other product on the market.


instantly activate FAS-Capture
Our dash cams are built with a FAS-CAPTURE mode that allows users to screenshot with a push of a button, so you can capture photos while recording. This feature also protects your files from being overwritten. Our dash cam has a continuous loop recording feature that records videos by overwriting older videos with new footage, ensuring that you won’t miss a second of the road.


Use FAS-MODE to record and protect your video files.
Our FAS-MODE feature allows you to continuously record in a protected mode as long as it’s on. When your dash cam is recording in protected mode, the loop recording will be turned off so all of your files will be saved.
The FAS-CAPTURE and FAS-MODE features were designed by us, for you. These features were built to make the dash cam experience more convenient, so you can focus on getting to where you need to go.

FAS-Alliance Dash Cams

The best dash cams for cars should offer peace of mind to every driver on the road. If you’re looking for an extra level of protection, whether your car is in motion or parked, car cams can provide the security you may need. 
Our team at FAS-Alliance delivers the most reliable and convenient dash cams you need to help keep you safe on the road.