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When to Use: FAS-Capture & FAS-Mode

Our team at FAS-Alliance designed our one-of-a-kind FAS-Capture and FAS-Mode features, making FAS-CAM the only dash cam on the market to deliver such convenience and ease in one. We developed our novel features in response to the technological mishaps drivers often experience with dash cams. The FAS-CAM was designed to eliminate the common issues with the average dash cam, ultimately delivering an upgraded and effortless dash cam experience.

FAS-Capture and FAS-Mode help keep you safe on the road. To make the most of these features, here is everything you need to know about when to use FAS-Capture and FAS-Mode.


While FAS-Capture and FAS-Mode offer different functions for every driver, they operate quite similarly in the way they protect your dash cam footage. When using the FAS-CAM with either of the modes switched on, FAS-Capture and FAS-Mode can run on the dash cam’s internal battery, so your dash cam will continue to record even after disconnecting it. You can easily disconnect it from the mount without having your recording interrupted, so in the event of an emergency, you’re able to capture everything you need. As an extra layer of security, both modes will protect your loop recording from being accidentally overwritten. The protected videos can only be unlocked and deleted manually either using the internal UI menu to unprotect each video or connecting to a computer.

Now that we’ve covered the important notes about your dash cam footage when using FAS-Capture and FAS-Mode, let’s discuss what you’ll need to know about using each mode.


FAS-Capture is used for quick screenshots while recording. This feature is useful for moments when you’d like to immediately capture important pieces of information even while the recording is on. FAS-Capture can help you save time by being able to capture certain moments that you’d otherwise have to rewind and search for.

It also protects and locks your previous, current, and next loop videos from being overwritten so you don’t need to worry about losing important footage or starting a new video. For example, if your loop video is 2 minutes, FAS-Capture will lock three 2-minute videos. Simply begin recording and focus on your scenes on the road.

To turn this mode on, simply press the button once. The FAS-Capture light will turn red when it's recording in protected mode and will turn white when it's in loop recording mode.

FAS-Capture should be used when you’re on the road and you’d like to capture something quickly. Whether it’s an exciting shot on the road or a speeding car, FAS-Capture will help you take a quick photo of anything you’d like to remember without interrupting your current recording.


FAS-Mode is used to continuously record in protected mode. This feature is specifically helpful for longer situations you’d like to capture on video. Similar to FAS-Capture, FAS-Mode will also lock the previous, current, and next loop videos. Your FAS-CAM will continue to record in locked mode until you exit out of the mode.

To turn on FAS-Mode, you can press and hold the FAS-Capture button for 3 seconds OR you can press it 5 times. When it turns on, a red box will appear around the screen. You’ll know when you’ve successfully turned FAS-Mode on when the FAS-Capture light turns red, indicating that your dash cam is recording in protected mode. When the light turns white, it’ll be back in loop recording mode. You can exit out of FAS-Mode by holding and pressing the return key for 3 seconds.

However, during FAS-Mode, you cannot use menu options. This mode is best used when you’re looking to continuously record. While you’re able to disconnect from the mount during FAS-Mode to continue recording, it’s important to remember that once you remount the FAS-CAM, it’ll restart. For this reason, you should remount your dash cam once you’ve captured all the important footage. Take care when exiting FAS-Mode while using the battery, as the dash cam will shut down and stop recording.

File Location

You can find all protected videos under
Menu Files Protected

Videos can be played back using your computer's video software. To view the videos with GPS location and speed tracking, you will need to download a specific software on the computer.

For photos taken with FAS-Capture, the photos will be stored under
Menu Files Photos

The photos are not protected so it’s important to keep this in mind when reviewing your footage. You can save any photos you’ve taken using FAS-Capture by exporting them onto your computer.

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From extra security to peace of mind, our dash cams can do it all. FAS-Capture and FAS-Mode allow you to sit back, relax, and focus on going where you need to while they take care of the details you shouldn’t have to worry about when using a dash cam.