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The FAS-Alliance FAS-CAM Bundle features both the F701-DR dash cam and F201-IR rear/cabin cam. The FAS-CAM Bundle includes everything you need. The F701-DR offers 4K video resolution in addition to its Sony STARVIS Sensor technology that delivers clear images, day or night. Along with wide-angle views and easy preset options, your dash cam will capture everything on the road with ease. The F201-IR rear/cabin cam features the option to switch between rear and cabin views - perfect for those looking to record their vehicle interior and capture any rear-end collisions.

f70l dashcam 360 security 4k 2k



【Built-in GPS】This 4K dash cam has a built-in GPS to easily record your driving route, driving speed, and other information that can become important evidence in traffic incidents. To access the GPS video, simply follow the instructions at the bottom of the page to acquire a registration code for the footage.

【Loop Recording】FAS-CAM features seamless loop recording that will automatically overwrite old files.

【24-Hour Parking Mode】FAS-CAM offers 24hr Parking Mode using G-Sensor and a hardwiring kit (not included). Once Parking Mode is on, the dash cam will automatically monitor the surrounding environment using its internal rechargeable battery and the G-Sensor for impact detection.

【G-Sensor】The built-in G-Sensor is able to detect sudden shocks or collisions. This will trigger the dash cam to automatically lock the current video and prevent it from being overwritten, so you won’t have to worry about losing important footage.

【FAS-CAPTURE & FAS-MODE】FAS-CAPTURE and FAS-MODE are two revolutionary features that were specifically created for FAS-Alliance FAS-CAM - and you'll find no similar features on the market. FAS-CAPTURE will capture your desired image in place, so you don't need to rewind your videos to search for specific information. It protects and locks the previous, current, and next loop videos from being accidentally overwritten. FAS-MODE will continuously record in protected mode until you exit out of the mode. This feature gives you peace of mind in the event of an emergency, so you don’t have to worry about losing important footage.

【Mount】Our dash cam features a magnetic mount, so you can easily install or remove it without any safety concerns. Our mount was designed to be convenient enough to allow you to dismount the camera during FAS-MODE to capture on-the-go action.

 [Night Vision] Our dash cams deliver precise images day and night to play back the important details. With upgraded night vision, our cams are able to capture any moment that you’re on the road. Our advanced night vision cabin view mode offers clear scenes in and outside of your car for ultimate protection. Whether you frequently drive at night or you want to use cabin view and record inside the car, our dash cam can do it all.

 [Cabin View] Our F201-IR rear cam can easily switch between rear and cabin view depending on your preferred placement of installation. Whether you’d like to add an extra layer of driver safety in cabin view or capture rear-end collisions in rear view, our F201-IR dash cam allows you to choose between both. This dual option makes our F201-DR camera unique to the dash cam market.

【Easy Installation】FAS-CAM is equipped with detailed wiring instructions and all required parts for a quick and easy installation. View our videos and manuals for more comprehensive easy-to-follow guides.

F701-DR Specifications

Resolution 4k UHD @ 3840x2160P
FAS-Capture Yes
FAS-Mode Yes
Sensor Sony STARVIS CMOS Sensor
CPU Novatek NT96670
Aperture F1.75
Screen Size 3"
Lens 2 Glass + 5 Plastic + 1 IR
Angle View 135.6° Wide-angle
TF Card Supports 256 GB Max (not included)
Temperature Resistance 5°F to 149°F
GPS Built-in
G-Sensor Built-in
Parking-Mode (Hardwire) Motion & G-Sensor Activation
Parking-Mode (Battery) G-Sensor Activation
Loop Recording 1 min, 2 min, 3 min
Warranty 1 Year


F201-IR Specifications

Resolution 2K QHD @ 2560x1440P
FAS-Capture Yes*
FAS-Mode Yes*
Sensor Sony STARVIS CMOS Sensor
Aperture F1.5
Lens 2 Glass + 3 Plastic + 1 IR/td>
Angle View 135.4° Wide-angle
Night Vision Yes
Warranty 1 Year
*will record only when connected to F701


Installation Guide


Quick Start Guide
Installation Guide
User Manual


Guía de Inicio Rápido
Guía de Instalación
Solución de problemas


March 2023



By registering your product, you can obtain a registration code to access GPS playback using a third-party app. Keep your FAS-CAM up-to-date with the newest firmware. New firmware may solve bug fixes and software issues. Register your product here:


Report a bug or make a suggestion here:



Read more here

What's inside the F701-DR Box?


F701-DR Front Cam

4K UHD dash cam

Sub Heading

Magnetic GPS Mount

Easy click & go GPS mount design

Car Power Cable

Includes a 14-inch power cable suitable for 12-24V and a removable ferrite core

Quick Start & Instruction Books

Simplified instructions for easy installation

Cable Tucker Tool

To route the power cable at the top of your windshield

Sub Heading

Cable Clips

To help hold the cable wires when tucking is not possible

Sub Heading

Alcohol & Dry Wipes

For convenient and clean installation

Spare 3M Adhesive Pad

For future reinstallations



F201-IR Rear Cam

2K QHD rear cam

USB-C Extension Cable

Connect your front and rear cam with our 13.35 ft cable

Alcohol & Dry Wipes

For easy and clean installation

Extra 3M Adhesive Pad & Cable Clips

For a secure setup


Check out our support page for manuals, videos, and troubleshooting tips. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, drop us a line and we'll get back to you within 48 business hours.


Do I need a dashcam?

Dash cams allow drivers to capture scenes on the road while driving, providing peace of mind and security in the event of an emergency. The use of dash cams is highly recommended for the safety of drivers and other vehicles on the road.

What does Dual Dash Cam mean?

A dual dash cam usually refers to a car camera setup made up of two cameras, one directed at the road ahead of the driver and one directed at the rear window of the car.

Should I use the dual cam or front cam only?

Dual dash cams provide an extra layer of protection while driving, capturing both front and rear emergencies. While they are optional, we recommend dual dash cams for those who are often on the road.

Can I use the rear cam for cabin view?

Our rear cam has an internal car view for taxi and private hire drivers. In low-light settings, the rear cam’s night vision will activate so you can use cabin view for nighttime driving. To learn more information read here.

Which microSD card should I use?

We highly recommend using Lexar microSD cards with FAS-Alliance dash cams. Our dash cams have been tested specifically for use with Lexar branded SD cards. We recommend using at least a 64GB U3 card for the F701-DR series. If connecting to our rear cam, we advise using a 64GB U3 or 128GB U3 card for best results. The F701-DR series supports up to 256GB max microSD cards.For those looking to use FAS-CAPTURE, FAS-MODE, or Parking Mode frequently, we recommend using a microSD card larger than 32GB due to the size capacity. However, a 32GB card can be used for regular use. Other brands of microSD cards may cause the processor to overheat and are not recommended. Please note that using an unrecommended brand may cause your warranty to be voided. Lexar® Professional 1066x microSDXC™ UHS-I Cards SILVER Series - Best option for long term use Lexar® microSDHC/microSDXC UHS-I Cards E-Series - Acceptable option

Why is my SD / TF card full?

Using Parking Mode or FAS-MODE can result in too many protected files. To unprotect files, go to Menu > Files > Protect. Then select the video you want to unprotect and press and confirm the unprotected files (FAS-CAPTURE) button. The video will be moved to the "Video" folder and unprotected videos will be overwritten during loop recording. Another method is to format your SD Card by going into Menu ► System Settings ► Format TF Card

Which loop recording should I pick?

There are different benefits to picking 1-minute or 3-minute loop recordings. For 1-minute recordings, video playback will be shorter and easier to search for specific events. However, shorter recording times will result in more files. Using the 3-minute recording means that the files are larger and the cam will also record in protected mode during FAS-CAPTURE. Each recording will be protected, thus taking up more space.

How is G-Sensor triggered?

The G-Sensor has 3 levels of sensitivity that users can select. The G-Sensor is triggered if there’s an impact to the car. The FAS-CAPTURE button light will turn red if the G-Sensor is activated during Parking Mode and will only turn off once the car ignition is turned on.

What’s parking mode?

Parking Mode allows you to monitor your unattended vehicle when the engine is off. Parking Mode can be triggered either by motion, the G-Sensor, or both. When booting up the camera, you will be notified if Parking Mode has been triggered. Our internal battery can be used for Parking Mode using the G-Sensor option only, making our dash cam unique to the market. The motion detection mode can only be used by connecting your camera power to the car fuse box. The cable for this connection is sold separately in our Hardwire Kit.To learn more information read here.

Download our free GPS playback player

Our innovative 4k dash cam is designed with a built-in GPS to record your driving route, driving speed, and other details that can become important for evidence in traffic accidents.

Request for Registration Code

A third-party app and registration code are required for GPS information access. Normal video playback does not require this software.


Hear What Our Customers Have To Say

I bought this dash cam because of the FAS-Capture and Mode features. I wanted a dash cam that could record and save any emergency without having to worry about it. The FASAlliance dash cam has been the best purchase I’ve made!

Charles P.New York

This was my first dash cam purchase and I couldn’t be happier. The super easy instructions made it convenient and quick for me to set it up without getting confused. The dash cam does everything I need and more!

Steve W.California

High quality dash cam! I was looking for a front and back camera to feel more secure when I’m driving and this helps me capture everything while I’m on the road.

Carol F.Florida

Love this dash cam. I needed one to help monitor my car when it’s parked and it even notifies me when it detects anything that might’ve happened.

Susie P.Texas

Just got this and I’m already impressed by the high quality video. I drive a lot at night and it’s still able to capture everything I need to see when I’m driving.

Dan H.Washington

The installation was really quick for me and it’s really easy to navigate. The menu makes it easy to change modes and I can always record what I need.

Julie S.California